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What is the importance of spleen organ?

What is the importance of spleen organ?

Why is the spleen so vital for the body, immunity and hematopoiesis?

The spleen is the largest lymphoid organ, a peripheral organ of the immune system, and a hematopoietic (blood-formation) organ. It is involved in metabolic processes, protective reactions maintaining the immune system, being the main source of immune cells — lymphocytes. The spleen accumulates 1/3 of all platelets in the body. Additionally, the spleen is involved in the formation of bile and iron metabolism.

The major functions of the spleen are:

1. Protective (immunological) — it produces antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses, provides oncological protection to the body, neutralizes the waste products of malignant neoplasms, and also destroys endotoxins that occur during burns and injuries

2. Filtration — it removes pathogenic and toxic substances, causative agents of bacterial diseases and infections from the bloodstream, filters blood cells, utilizes old and damaged cells, transforms them into hemoglobin, sends waste products to the liver for excretion.

3. Hematopoietic — destroys old, damaged, diseased red blood cells and produces platelets, which count is crucial for blood clotting. Detecting bacteria, viruses, or other microbes in the blood, the spleen produces white blood cells—lymphocytes—to fight infections.

What is the importance of the spleen?

The spleen is responsible

  • for the regulation of the hormonal function of the bone marrow. When the function of the bone marrow is impaired, the spleen takes on the function of blood formation.
  • It is a storehouse of oxygenated blood and, in case of injury, or bleeding
  • blood is released into the bloodstream.
  • participates in the formation of bile
  • involved in iron metabolism
  • takes over part of the immune system function during aging since it is not so exposed to age-related changes.

Is it possible to live without a spleen?

Yes, but one will have to strengthen your immunity constantly as an absent spleen will make a person easy prey for bacterial diseases. A weakened spleen function may also cause kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, genitourinary and gastrointestinal tracts, bladder, pancreas dysfunctions.

The action of peptide bioregulators can help restore and maintain cells of a spleen.

Multicomponent peptide bioregulator SpleenTIDE PLUS forte with intensified properties is a modern means of maintaining the function of the spleen on the cellular levels and is used for the prevention and acceleration of the healing process in viral and infectious diseases, malignant neoplasms, for restoring immunity, regulating hematopoiesis processes, improving gas exchange processes in tissues.

Peptide complex SpleenTIDE PLUS contains a therapeutic content of natural peptide premix of animal origin, targeting spleen cell regeneration. Peptides regulate the processes of blood clotting.

The prescription formula of the bioregulator includes plant extracts, iron, folic acid.

Chitosan helps to remove fat from the body, to reduce weight, improve cholesterol metabolism and intestinal motility, and increase immunity.

Black cohosh (L. Cimicifuga racemosais officially used in traditional Chinese medicine as an analgesic (for joint pain) and antipyretic agent, for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, liver echinococcus, abscesses, treatment of anthrax, diphtheria of the larynx.

Codonopsis (L. Codonopsis pilosula) is also used in Chinese medicine to improve lung and spleen function, increase hemoglobin and the count of red cells in the blood, lower blood pressure and increase endurance to stress.

Folic acid helps reduce feelings of fatigue.

Iron is vital for normal hematopoiesis, the formation of red blood cells, maintaining hemoglobin levels, and transporting oxygen in the body.

My Real Way experts recommend that people with weakened immune systems and anyone who has problems with blood clotting undergo a preventive course to maintain the health of the spleen with the help of peptide bioregulators.

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