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What is so unique about “My Real Way” PSP medicinal mushroom complexes?

What is so unique about “My Real Way” PSP medicinal mushroom complexes?

What is so unique about «My Real Way» PSP medicinal mushroom complexes?

Polysaccharide peptide (PSP) is a protein-bound polysaccharide extracted from an edible mushroom, numerous researches indicate that polysaccharides can be used in many fields and have a diverse of therapeutic properties, such as antioxidant activity, antitumor activity, the effect of promoting wound healing and cholesterol levels and boosting the immune system functions.

Medicinal mushrooms or Functional mushrooms have many nutrients and bioactive compounds that have earned them the «superfood status». Their use has been documented in many parts of the world for centuries. As a whole, they can support immune system functioning and gut health. One of the special components found from mushrooms is beta-glucan, which is predominantly composed in the fungal cell wall and is mostly composed of beta-D-glucose. In many researches, beta-glucan effectively stimulates the host immune response to defend against bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infections. Beta-d glucan, a very special type of polysaccharide that has immunomodulating properties.

The most significant difference between mushroom powder and mushroom extract is the purity and potency. Mushroom extracts are more concentrated with high percentages of beneficial compounds and therefore offer greater effects and benefits. Overall, extracts tend to be better than powders when it comes to taking mushroom supplements for certain desired effects, as powders often contain too little of the compound.

«My Real Way» uses only EXTRACTS from medicinal mushrooms which have 70% polysaccharide peptides concentration. Our PSP complexes have high concentration, more powerful and beneficial than powder once, thus give beneficial and faster results. To learn more about each «My Real Way» PSP complex click here.

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