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FlatuTIDE PLUS peptides for bloated stomach and flatulence

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Peptide complex for prevention of flatulence, indigestion, and bloated stomach

Release form: pack of 30 capsules.

The capsule is produced from a special stable polymer of a plant origin without chemical impurities — hypromellose.

Multicomponent peptide complex FlatuTIDE PLUS is a safe and effective product to improve digestion and speed up the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract, normalize intestinal microflora and gas formation processes.

How the peptide bioregulator helps during bloated stomach and flatulence

Natural peptide bioregulator FlatuTIDE PLUS complex consists of low molecular weight short bioactive peptides that are effectively involved in restoring cell structures of the mucous membranes and glands of the epithelial tissue, regulating functional digestion activities, absorption of nutrients into the blood and lymph, affecting the gastrointestinal system, intestinal tract and normalize intestinal motility, restore functional disorders and prevent the development of pathological processes in tissues at the cellular level. Peptides do not cause side effects, allergies, and intoxications, as they are part of the human body.

The drug is intended to normalize the composition and metabolic activity of the intestinal microbiota, correct the symptoms and causes of flatulence associated with nutrition. The action of peptides is enhanced by minerals, vitamins, extracts of medicinal herbs that are part of the bioregulator. The composition and amount of nutrients are selected to restore the structure of the intestinal mucosa.

Recommendations for use (prevention and complex therapy):

  • High accumulation of gases in the intestines
  • Feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, bloating, pain in the upper abdomen, belching, flatulence
  • Digestive disorders caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Stomach dyspepsia, overeating
  • Food allergies
  • Diarrhea of non-infectious origin
  • Prevention of digestive problems and to improve intestinal motility
  • Prevention of microbiocenosis

Method of application in complex therapy:
Adults take one capsule a day for 1 month, 30 minutes after a meal, with plenty of water. The recommended duration is 2-3 months as prophylactic therapy.

Increased individual sensitivity to the components; period of pregnancy and breastfeeding; underage children (due to lack of data)

IMPORTANT! FlatuTIDE PLUS peptide complex is designed for bloated stomach and flatulence, improve gas process acts, it is recommended as a preventive product and can be used in combination with the main course of therapy prescribed by the attending physician.

 1 capsule

NRVs *


5  mg.

50 % (NRVs 10 mg.)


50  µg.

100 % (NRVs 50 µg.)

BCAA amino acid complex (peptide complex NO,
L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine)

100 mg



50 mg


Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale F.H. Wigg. ) root dry extract

50 mg


Common fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) fruit dry extract

15 mg


* NRVs - nutrient  reference  values

To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to combine the bioregulator with other My Real Way peptide bioregulators and peptide-polysaccharide complexes, depending on the pathology.

Food indigestion with low acidity


Improving the processes of food digestion, absorption of nutrients


Normalization of the work of the gastric mucosa, with low acidity

Food indigestion with high acidity


Improving the processes of food digestion, absorption of nutrients

HyperacidTIDE PLUS

Normalization of the work of the gastric mucosa, with high acidity

Intestinal dysbiosis


Improving the processes of food digestion, absorption of nutrients

MicrofloraTIDE PLUS

Normalization of intestinal microflora

Pancreatic dysfunction, body intoxication


Improving the processes of food digestion, absorption of nutrients


Improvement of reparative regenerative processes in the mucous membrane of the gallbladder, biliary tract and pancreas, stimulation of secretory function


Liver cleanse, removing toxins

Food indigestion due to stress


Improving the processes of food digestion, absorption of nutrients


Normalization of metabolism and regulatory function of the central and peripheral nervous system

For the prevention of bloating, flatulence, digestive disorders


Improving the processes of food digestion, absorption of nutrients


Improving microcirculation

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