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JointsTIDE PLUS forte peptides for joints

JointsTIDE PLUS forte peptides for joints
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Peptide complex to maintain joints structure and mobility.

Release form: pack of 30 capsules.

The capsule is made of a special stable polymer of a plant origin without chemical impurities — hypromellose.

The natural intensified peptide bioregulator JointsTIDE PLUS forte is designed to maintain healthy cartilage tissue structure of joints and spine, and effectively helps to strengthen connective tissues and improve the formation of interarticular fluid.

How peptides for joints help to restore joints

Despite the modern pace of life, today, people are increasingly characterized by an inactive and sedentary lifestyle. This is one of the reasons for the decrease in joint mobility in people of older age, but also among young people.

The basis of the bioregulator is a complex of bioactive peptides, vitamins, and minerals that restore damaged joint cells, renew and activate them, help restore cartilage tissue and improve joint mobility during age-related and inflammatory changes, normalize the amount of joint fluid, and also participate in maintaining healthy joints. The product is used in complex therapy and as a preventive therapy for various pathologies and functional musculoskeletal system disorders, resulting from injuries or diseases that led to cartilage and bone tissues dysfunctions. With aging, age-related dystrophic-degenerative changes are often noted, which lead to osteoarthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, during this period the body’s need for strengthening nutrients increases significantly.

Regular prophylactic use of a peptide bioregulator for joints will delay the appearance of age-related changes and ensure active longevity. The product is also recommended for athletes during intensive physical activities, to strengthen bones and joints and speed up the regeneration process of connective joint tissues.

N-Acetyl-L-cysteine is one of the most powerful antioxidants, it promotes formation of collagen, accelerates recovery after surgery, speeds up formation of muscle tissue.

Vitamin C is involved in procollagen and collagen synthesis. It is the main building protein of connective tissue, which is necessary to restore cartilage surface of a damaged joint.

Manganese sulfate is a supplier of biogenic manganese element to the body. Manganese takes part in the formation of connective and bone tissues, promotes restoration of articular capsule and cartilaginous joints, prevents the destruction of cartilage due enzyme production during inflammatory processes in joints.

Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates synthesis of synovial fluid, which reduces friction of joints.

Copper is involved in the formation of collagen, which is a protein framework for human bones, prevents the destruction of cartilage, development of osteoporosis and spontaneous bone fractures.

Collagen type II forms cartilage, strengthens joints and tendons, making them stronger and more flexible.

Recommendations for use:

  • Degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases;
  • Lumbar osteochondrosis;
  • Bruises, ligaments damages, osteo-articular diseases;
  • Changes in joints mobility and flexibility;
  • Dysfunctions of metabolic processes in cells and regulation of spine and joints functions;
  • To promote faster cartilage regeneration;
  • Post-trauma or post-surgery;
  • Joint inflammation and cartilage destruction;
  • High physical activities on joints;
  • Age-related changes in cartilage.

Method of application in complex therapy: 
Adults take one capsule a day for 1 month, 20-30 minutes after a meal, with plenty of water. It is allowed to take the product for a longer period, up to 2-3 months to prolong the remission phase of the disease.

Increased individual sensitivity to the components; period of pregnancy and breastfeeding; underage children (due to lack of data).

IMPORTANT! JointsTIDE PLUS forte peptide complex is designed to maintain joints structure and mobility, it is recommended as a prophylactic product in combination with the main course of therapy prescribed by the attending physician.

 1 capsule

NRVs *

Vitamin C

80  mg

100 % (NRVs 80 mg)


1  mg

50 % (NRVs 2 mg)


1  mg

100 % (NRVs 1 mg)

Peptide complex NV, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-threonine 

200 mg


Turmeric  (L. Curcuma longa)  

52,63 mg


Lysine hydrochloride



Collagen type II




25 mg


* NRVs - nutrient  reference  values

To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to combine the bioregulator with other My Real Way peptide bioregulators and peptide-polysaccharide complexes, depending on the pathology.

Increasing functional activity of joint cells and cartilage, improving the formation of inter-articular fluid and joint mobility with age-related and inflammatory changes

JointsTIDE PLUS forte

supports the structure of the cartilage tissue of joints and spine, affects the restoration and strengthening of cartilage tissue

LigamenTIDE PLUS forte

strengthening of the ligamentous-articular apparatus

VessTIDE PLUS forte

improvement of microcirculation in joints

Reduction of inflammation symptoms, pain symptoms, edema, improvement of joint mobility

JointsTIDE PLUS forte

supports the structure of the cartilage tissue of joints and spine, affects the restoration and strengthening of cartilage tissue


removal and prevention of inflammatory processes


increasing urination and reducing the severity of swelling

During conditions of increased stress on joints and spine

JointsTIDE PLUS forte

supports the structure of the cartilage tissue of joints and spine, affects the restoration and strengthening of cartilage tissue

LigamenTIDE PLUS forte

strengthening of the ligamentous-articular apparatus

MuscleTIDE PLUS forte

muscle recovery

Reduction of intoxication symptoms, edema, improvement of joint mobility

JointsTIDE PLUS forte

supports the structure of the cartilage tissue of joints and spine, affects the restoration and strengthening of cartilage tissue


normalization of kidney functions

DetoxiTIDE PLUS forte

activation of body’s natural detoxification processes

Normalization of the spinal column function, restoration of mobility, elasticity, reduction of inflammation symptoms, pain symptoms, edema

JointsTIDE PLUS forte

supports the structure of the cartilage tissue of joints and spine, affects the restoration and strengthening of cartilage tissue

LigamenTIDE PLUS forte

strengthening of the ligamentous-articular apparatus


removal and prevention of inflammatory processes

To evaluate the effectiveness of the multi-component peptide bioregulator JointsTIDE PLUS, 12 patients aged 49 to 84 years in the main group and 10 patients in the control group of the same age participated in the study. All patience had diagnoses of osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and osteoporosis.

Patients with knee joint osteoarthritis complained of pain and limited joint flexibility when walking. In the older age group, the characteristic signs were joint deformities, femoral muscles atrophy and weakening of the ligamentous apparatus. Patients with spinal osteochondrosis noted the appearance of pain in the lower back with irradiation along the sciatic nerve, which has been significantly aggravated by changing the position of the body when walking or during physical activity.

The duration of the course of the disease ranged from 5 to 20 years with progressive dynamics of the pathology development. All patients previously received analgesics and anti-inflammatory medical drugs for an extended period. It gave a short-term therapeutic effect, requiring an increase in the dose of medical drugs for the course of treatment and its duration. The dynamics of patients’ complaints, general clinical examination of blood, urine, biochemical blood test and joint X-ray were analyzed before and after the course of therapy. Patients in the control group received treatment using conventional medicine. Patients in the main group, in addition to standard medical drugs, were prescribed to intake multi-component peptide bioregulator JointsTIDE PLUS, 2 capsules daily for 30-45 days, depending on the severity of the pathological process.

It should be noted that radiological symptoms of degenerative-dystrophic joint and spine diseases are not only objective diagnostic criteria for the development of pathological process stages but also have a significant predictive value in the ongoing therapy.

It was found that the use of the multicomponent peptide bioregulator JointsTIDE PLUS in patients with knee osteoarthritis contributed to pain reduction and increased joint mobility. As well, in 66.7% of patient cases with knee osteoporosis. At the same time, pain symptoms completely disappeared at the initial stages of the disease, which were determined radiologically, narrowing of the joint space between the kneecap and thighs, knee osteophytes and femoral condyle.

In patients in the advanced stage of arthrosis, similar but less pronounced dynamics of subjective indicators were observed. Since this stage of the disease was diagnosed in the older age group, such sensations were characterized as very positive. In patients with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, using the multi-component peptide bioregulator JointsTIDE PLUS with complex therapy contributed to pain reduction in 60% of cases. Such dynamics were most typical for a middle-aged group of people, as the disease was more progressive due to age; accompanied by the characteristic of radiographic symptoms (narrowing of the lumen between adjacent vertebral bodies due to flattening of degeneratively altered intervertebral discs, formation of anterior and posterior osteophytes of the vertebral bodies, the presence of arthritic changes in the posterior and lateral intervertebral joints in the form of narrowing of cracks, uneven contours, development of osteophytes along the edges of the articular ends, changes in the configuration of the intervertebral foramina, contributed to the development of spondylosis and spondyloarthritis and the formation of neurodystrophic and neurovascular syndromes. In these cases, long-term intake (at least 45-60 days) of multi-component peptide bioregulator JointsTIDE PLUS and complex therapy — eased pain symptoms. All patients showed significant relief from the main symptoms.

During the monitoring process of patients who received JointsTIDE PLUS multicomponent peptide bioregulator as part of complex therapy, no side effects, complications or product dependence were detected.

The study was conducted in 2017 by certified specialists from the Department of Restorative Medicine and Nutrition of the European Scientific Society at the Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover Germany).

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