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HairTIDE PLUS forte: intensified renewed formula in a new package

HairTIDE PLUS forte: intensified renewed formula in a new package

The new HairTIDE PLUS forte formula intensifies hair growth, normalizes scalp blood circulation and strengthens nails.

The new product consists of double amount of natural bioactive short peptides as well as double amount of all other components, such as zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, selenium, dry horsetail extract. The new ingredient biotin is added to the formula of the product.

The therapeutic effect of the bioregulator is achieved due to the synergy of all ingredients. Peptides, entering cells through the small intestine and bloodstream, trigger the synthesis of hair and nail cells, restore the cellular rhythm, activate the body’s resources, prevent the development of destructive and pathological processes in the tissues. Vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts enhance the action of each other and peptides, and also nourish the intercellular space. Peptides are a conductor for all the minerals, vitamins, and medical extracts that make up the complex and pull them along, bringing them to the cell. Thus, the key principle of peptide therapy is ensured — 100% digestibility of all nutrients and a long-term effect after a course of therapy.

The new ingredient biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B, also known as vitamin H, vitamin B7 and coenzyme R. It belongs to water-soluble vitamins and cannot accumulate in the body. Biotin is essential for the restoration of hair and nails structure, since nails and hair are mainly composed of a protein material — keratin, and biotin plays an important role in creating the basis of keratin. Biotin helps eliminate flaking, seborrhea and premature appearance of gray hair, hair loss, fragile hair, split ends, peeling nails, and has a positive effect on the growth and structure of hair, nails, and skin.

The bioregulator is indicated as a prevention method and as a part of integrated therapy in nail diseases (brittle and stratified nail, impaired nail growth or their structure); and in hair diseases (thinning hair, split ends and brittle hair, hair loss (alopecia), premature gray hair; excessive greasy or dry hair).

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