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Healthy Skin

Product code: 001
Set of Peptide Bioregulators and PSP complexes to improve skin conditions from within for different age groups and prevent the development of age-related skin changes.
The set includes:
Lentinula edodes Shiitake mushroom 70% peptide-polysaccharide extract
Lentinula edodes Shiitake mushroom 70% peptide-polysaccharide extract

Product code: 4779038830816

Expiry date: 30.06.2026

Qty - 1 pcs.

MicrofloraTIDE PLUS peptides for intestinal microflora
MicrofloraTIDE PLUS peptides for intestinal microflora

Product code: 4779038830304

Expiry date: 31.01.2025

Qty - 1 pcs.

SkinTIDE PLUS peptides for skin
SkinTIDE PLUS peptides for skin

Product code: 4779038830236

Expiry date: 31.12.2024

Qty - 1 pcs.

Product catalog
Product catalog

Product code: 111111111

Discover My Real Way world of Premium Natural Peptide Bioregulators and Polysaccharide Peptides of Medicinal Mushroom in our new high-quality catalogue.

Qty - 1 pcs.

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Practical Protocol for Healthy SKIN. 

Restoration of  skin structure and its functions from within.


  • prevention of premature aging
  • maintaining healthy and glowing skin
  • prevents dryness, peeling, weakening of skin elasticity
  • prevents skin problems, acne
  • age-related skin changes
  • impact of unfavorable ecology and climate changes on the skin

MicrofloraTIDE PLUS

Prebiotics for the Skin- Normalization of intestinal microflora, strengthens skin barrier, protects against external pollutants, and helps improve certain skin conditions.

Lentinula edodes (Shiitake)

Promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation, protects against sun damage, improves skin hydration, and brightens skin tone.

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